Woven Baskets


From Pharaonic times, hand-woven baskets from the Fayoum Oasis, Aswan, and the Delta of Egypt have served Egyptians well – – from displaying dried beans and spices in the market, to carrying coal and even babies! These days, they are used for decoration, indoors and outdoors, and for utilitarian purposes in any room in the house — including toys and balls collecting, dog beds, casserole baskets, picnic baskets, flower baskets, yard baskets, trash baskets, and magazine and towel holders.

Strong, yet decorative, the material woven ranges from simple palm fronds to colorful plastic straps. Plastic may be washed with water or soap and water. Straw may not be washed. Sizes of handmade basket Sizes of handmade basket sizes are approximate. Prices may vary.