Beaded Scarves


Traditional handmade Manadille scarves have been crocheted and beaded by Nubian women from Upper Egypt for centuries. Once adorning women’s hair for festive occasions, they are now worn around the world for formal elegance or casual flair.

On approximately one half meter of material, such as chiffon, rayon or polyester blend, the shapes are triangular or rectangular with one to seven layers of tiny glass beads from Czechoslovakia on crocheted yarn. The beauty of the Manadille is not only in the fabric and beads, but the elegant draping around the shoulders, neck, head or waist because of the distribution and weight (up to 2 pounds) of the beads. The Manadille is worn in the most formal of occasions, with a dress or as an accessory to a suit, or as informally as wrapped around the waist with long pants, shorts, capris, skirt or bathing suits. These are custom scarves, while more time-consuming to make, will never be seen anywhere else. In fact, because all the scarves are handmade, most are of a very limited supply or are one-of-a-kind. Hand washable delicate.

A few full scarves are shown below, but most photos are of the scarf corners.
To view some of the many ways to wear the scarves, click Wearing Scarves.
For better detail, click thumbnails and zoom.  Other colors available upon request.

Large (several rows of beads) $120, except where marked otherwise.
Small (one row of beads) $60,  except where marked otherwise.

We update regularly, but one-of-a-kind scarves may have been sold. To ensure availability email us at